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Electric Car And Motorcycle Test Drive Pros


The Electrifime Test Drive Pros KNOW what the customers need to know.

What's the tax credit, and can the customer benefit from it?


The Pros are experts in the makes and models they promote.

They know what "that" button does, and it's benefits.


The Pro Knows that these amazing vehicles are best appreciated after a professional test drive, and deliver.

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The Electrifime Pro is a professional who is particularly interested in promoting electric vehicles,



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Check out our prices and understand the value of the pro page.  The pro page belongs to the pro.  Our website is optimized THRU each Pro Page. This personal, optimized landing page may be found by the search engines alone and the many "Electrified" customers that seek us out. 


Easy set up to a GREAT LOOKING Page!

1. The Top Banner.  I recommend 1100x300 approx. size.  This could be a picture of the Pro in front of the car or motorcycle of their specialty.

2. Fill out the registration form completely.  Every item matters to your Pro Page.

3. Place Good Looking Ads.  Use the Video tab.  You can include any Youtube video like one just for your product.


Your Pro Page and ads will be posted immediately.  Your Pro Page will be submitted to the major search engines.







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