Ad Prices


 Electrifime PREMIUM Ads are the only ads we sell.

Electrifime PREMIUM Ads 
 Only $20/mo!
*20 Pictures! *Video! 
*Real Google Maps *Meta Tag Line
* HTML Area for Customizing!
Not only will your ad be included in our database, but our optimizing capabilities
and extra touches will ensure that your ad is seen by people in your local area,
your best chance to make the sale.
The Extender:
If your item does not sell in the first month, you will recieve an email 3 days prior
to the ad expiration an offer toextend the ad for another 60 days
for only $10. 
Thank You


Electrifime Pro Page 
For the EV Sales Professional
* Very Nice, CUSTOMIZABLE  Landing Page!
* Listing page that contains only your ads!
4 Tabs*   Contact Tab *Info/Landing Page
* Reviews Tab *Listings Tab
*Indexed for the search engines!
Only $20 /mo.


The Electrifime Pro Page is a beautiful LANDING page. 

The entire website has been search engine optimized, including the Pro Pages.

Easy to use and set up with just enough customizers to make it your own and not drive you crazy.

Pro Pages Must Have at least 1 Premium Ad purchased to COMPLIMENT the Pro Page.

You may purchase up to 10 Premium Ads for each Pro Page!


Wanted: ElectrifiMe Test Drive Pros

Limited Time Offer:  FREE PRO PAGE UNTIL 2022!



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