ElectrifiMe Premium Ad Set Up Tips

ElectrifiMe Premium Ad Set Up Tips

 Good looking ads sell.  Very cheap prices sell.  You choose.

So, build a good ad from the start.  It may help to pencil it out first, optimizing on paper will save time.  Pictures and Videos are a must.  ElectrifiMe Premium Ads  include up to 20 pictures and a video space in each ad.  If you do not have a video for your ad, ElectrifiMe has a Youtube Video page with OUR video that is good for all categories. (more to come).

ElectrifiMe Youtube Video Page


Optimizing Your ElectrifiMe Premium Ad

ElectrifiMe.com has been well optimized for search engine success.  Your ad, good, bad, ugly, beautiful... will all be found by prospective buyers thru the website EQUALLY as well as any other Premium Ad.  So, you can type anything, anywhere in your ad and it will still be found by our prospects as long as you get your name and address correct.

Electrifime Premium Ads have an extra advantage you should take advantage of.  All ElectrifiMe Premium Ads are SEO indexed and can be found all by themselves by the search engines, if you set them up correctly.

  Here are our tips to make this happen:

1. Title and Description.  This is where keywords must be used, and used correctly.  Year, Make, Model, New, Used, Test Drive, 


Title: Test Drive This 2021 Nissan Leaf SV Today.       (this is a very good title)

Description: Stunning Red! Fun Electric Car!   (The first line of the description will probably show up as the second line on search engine results.  IMPRESS THEM!    The last sentence should match the title EXACTLY.) Test Drive This 2021 Nissan Leaf Today.



Meta Section  (bottom of set up page)

Meta Title:  Test Drive This 2021 Nissan Leaf SV Today.     Should match the Ad Title Exactly.

Meta Description: Stunning Red! Fun Electric Car!  xyxy xyx xyxyx   The first sentence of the description will show up on the second line of the search engine results, so say something that will look good there.  After that, somewhere else below, work in the exact title again. Test Drive This 2021 Nissan Leaf SV Today. (2-4 sentences, don't be long winded in the meta section.)

Meta Tags - Key Words:  nissan ,leaf, nissan leaf sv, test drive nissan leaf, test drive, nissan leaf    Make sure every word is in the description. 

That should produce good results.  It may look a lot like the other ads, but that is ok.  The rest of the body is where you may shine if you wish to.


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