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If you are looking to purchase your first electric vehicle:
You should consider professional help.


Welcome Electrifi-ers and Electrifi-ees

Ownership of an electric vehicle earns you the right to be respected as PROficient at demonstrating the Electric Car, Electric Bike or Electric Motorcycle you are selling.  We thank you for your EV ownership, and consider you a Test Drive Pro for that model.

Beware of the "Fossil Fooler"

There have been many complaints of people who are interested in purchasing an electric car being convinced by the Dealer Salesperson you happened onto that day, (a fossil fooler), to drive home a hybrid of even one of these new efficient suv's.

Don't Risk  "The Fossil Fooler!"  Most new car dealerships have at least 1 progressive minded salesperson that will sell you the car you went in to look at, but also knows everything there is to know about that car ElectrifiMe Electric Car Test Drive Pros...KNOW! 

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ElectrifiMe EV Pros Know.

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ElectrifiMe News

Lordstown Motors Taking Orders on Endurance Pick Up.

ELECTRIC FLEET VEHICLES AND PICKUP TRUCKS MANUFACTURED IN LORDSTOWN, OHIO, USA Lordstown Motors Now Taking Orders for the ENDURANCE All-Electric Pick-Up Truck. Lordstown Motors Corporation seeks to eliminate inefficiencies that exist in modern work by creating electric vehicles that radically improve the way work gets done. Cost effective for fleets, safer, and designed to be more productive than traditional commercial vehicles, Lordstown pickup trucks and fleet vehicles are built to fix challenges that limit modern work. The home of Lordstown Motors Corporation is the previously idled GM Lordstown Complex. One of the largest and most productive auto manufacturing plants of all time, the Lordstown Complex will serve as our headquarters, with our mission being to create the leading electric vehicle epicenter in the region. This plant—combined with the legendary capability of the people who work there—is where we will build the work vehicles of the future.

Posted Nov 25, 2019
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